Digital Integration – Home Video Security Systems!

Growing up with four sisters, a stay-at-home Mom and a big, strong Dad, home security didn’t seem to be much of an issue until one night while we were all watching TV. Mama mentioned something quietly to Daddy and he immediately jumped over the coffee table, ran out the back door and jumped the fence chasing a “peeping Tom.” Wow! I had NEVER seen Daddy move so fast! At the time I was about 12 years old and the incident remains a very vivid memory. This happened during a time when folks still left their doors and windows open and good neighbors would let themselves in (with a little knock at the door) when they saw you were home.If you wish to learn more about this, visit DI.

Please fast forward to thirty-eight years later. I’ve been married about 23 years now, our only (strong, teenage) son is leaving home for college and my protective husband is traveling internationally for his work and gone for weeks at a time. The empty nest is truly empty except for me in a two-story home with all the bedrooms upstairs. The silence in the evenings was deafening. Every sound was magnified in our home with everyone gone. Sleep for me was difficult, at best. Watching TV in bed until the wee hours in the morning became a bad habit. Suddenly home security was a huge priority!

We made the decision to invest in a home security system. To our surprise, the systems were very affordable with several options available. We invested in a system that called the police department when the alarm went off. The first night after the security system was installed, I slept like a baby. Our system worked well when the alarm went off. The alarm company would sound an alarm to the police department and then try to contact us at home, ask for the password and inquire if everything was ok. This worked great, because on several occasions I forgot and went downstairs before turning off the alarm, triggering the motion detectors and police were dispatched. I immediately would call the alarm company and advise that it was a false alarm and the police would be notified. Of course, the motion detectors can be disarmed while you’re in the home, if you want keep the alarm on.

One word of caution: most large cities in the United States will fine you if they receive more than 3 false alarms per month. Those fines can be costly.

Bottom line: home security systems are about peace of mind. They provide deterrents for dishonest people. Most security companies provide a posted sign or stickers that a home is protected by their company, warning the intruder that their job will be more difficult than entering a home that is unprotected. When a protected home is entered, sirens or alarms signal not only the police, but the neighborhood (and everyone inside the home) that something is not right.